Should I wait to call till morning?

Never!  Call, text, email, or chat as soon as possible.  We may be able to fit you in the schedule the next day or if it’s an emergency makes it out immediately.

How fast is the issue solved?

Depending on what your dealing with you could see results as soon as 24 hours or less.

How much do your services cost?

All of our services have a base price however a free inspection is important to make certain all aspects of your problem will be solved at the time of service.

I heard a noise in my attic what does that mean?

Don’t worry this is a common problem and sometimes its only mice. Let us stop by and conduct a quick inspection to determine what your dealing with and devise a plan to solve your specific issue.

Are you licensed, insured, bonded?

Yes, every X-pest technician holds either a certified commercial applicator license or a technician license with the state of Missouri. We have a lot of insurance and workman’s comp, trust us we and you are very well covered. Bonded only for special projects.

Do you really guarantee your work?

Abso stinkbug luetly! We stand by it and our word, go ahead give it a shot and see for yourself!

How safe are your products?

We have multiple problem-solving products. All our products are used according to the label and applied the same. We don’t cut any corners with our products. Some products need more caution than others let one of our team members discuss this with you person to determine what’s right for your living or working space.

Do you go to (city) for service?

If you don’t see your city in our map under contacts or it may be questionable give us a call. We are constantly growing and expanding. Also we offer some services outside our map up to 4 hours away from our base in Augusta, Mo. Example: Bed Bug, Termite, Exclusion, Bio Remediation, Bird work, Green Fumigation Treatment, Call to get an inspection and the best pest control company at your door asap.